The Next Step Dance Studio

2019-2020 Studio Policy

Lesson Payment

Our 2019-2020 dance year consists of classes beginning Tuesday, September 3, 2019 and ending Saturday May 30, 2020. Tuition is separated into 9 monthly installments or one annual payment (an 11% discount will be offered for the annual payment). Lesson payments are due the first class of each month. The Next Step runs on a calendar month, which means that your monthly tuition is the same whether there are 3, 4, or 5 classes in that month. We do not pro-rate or refund for missed classes.

We thank you in advance for promptly paying your lesson fees, however, a $10 late fee will be charged when lesson payment is not received by the studio staff by the 15th of the month. An additional $10 will be assessed for each month that the installment has not been paid.

There will be no late fees for the month of September only.

During the month of September, you may pay the year in full to receive an 11% discount. If you choose to pay the year in full, please be aware that there are absolutely no refunds once this payment has been made.

If the student’s account is more than thirty days overdue, the student will not be allowed to participate in weekly group lessons until full payment (total to date) has been made, including late fees. Solo, duo, and trio lessons will be terminated and the time slots will be given to other students. Please contact the studio director if you need to speak to someone concerning payments.

A family discount is available only to families with 3 or more children. Save $10 off your monthly tuition per child (not per class).

***There will be a charge of $35 for any check that is returned for insufficient funds.

Tuition Fees: 9 monthly installments or pay in full and save 11%  (offer good during September only)

30min class (Mini Hip hop / Pointe)   $42monthly ($336 pay in full)

One Group Class                                

 $47 monthly ($376 pay in full)

Two Group Classes                          

$72 monthly ($576 pay in full)

Three Group Classes                         

 $93 monthly ($744 pay in full)

Four Group Classes                         

$114 monthly ($912 pay in full)

Five Group Classes                     

 $134 monthly ($1072 pay in full)

Six Group Classes                     

$154 monthly ($1232 pay in full)           

Solo (30mins)                                     

$80 monthly ($640 pay in full)
Duo (per student)                               

$69 monthly ($552 pay in full)

Trio (per student)                               

$59 monthly ($472 pay in full)

Dance Attire 

We ask that you wear dance clothing that is appropriate. If you are unsure of what clothing is considered appropriate for your class, ask your teacher. No jeans, cut-offs, etc. You will not be allowed to take class if your teacher feels you are improperly dressed. Hair must be pulled away from face before class starts. No gum chewing. Proper dance shoes are required for class and recital. All dance shoes, including hip hop sneakers, should never be worn outside EVER!

All shoes and dance class attire can be purchased on our website Login in: The Next Step, Birdsboro PA. Password: nextstep17

Studio Etiquette

Please be involved in your child’s dance education. Parents are welcome to stay and observe class. If you leave your child unattended in the building, The Next Step cannot be responsible for your child before and after class. Please stop in the studio regularly to make sure you are aware of any new information you may need to know. Important information will be posted on bulletin boards in the studio, as well as on both the studio’s Facebook page and website (

Parents and/or Guardians are permitted in the classroom only at the invitation of the teacher. This is a privilege, please treat it as such. You are there to observe the class, not to be a part of it.

Class Attendance

If you will be missing class, please inform the studio by emailing or calling 610-582-2111.

Attendance: Good attendance is imperative for consistent progress. If a student is going to be absent from class due to unforeseen circumstances, call the studio before class time. If students know in advance that they will be absent from class, please let the teacher know before the day of the class. If students are too ill to participate in class, they should remain at home. If they are injured and able to attend to observe, they should do so. Many students find they learn more from observing class rather than missing the entire class. This will also keep them apprised of the class’ progress. If a student misses an extensive number of classes, the studio director has the option of not permitting the student to join the class again.

Any class under five students is subject to cancellation, increased tuition, or rescheduling.

Tardiness: Students are expected to arrive at the studio with sufficient time to prepare for class. If a student is late for class, it is the teacher’s decision whether or not they can still participate. This is a safety precaution; any student entering a class without being properly warmed up is at risk for injury.

Solo, Duo, Trio lessons: These are special times set aside for you. If a solo, duo, or trio lesson is cancelled by the teacher, class will be rescheduled. Classes not cancelled by the teacher will only be rescheduled when more than a 24 hour notice is given. A lesson cancelled on the same day as your regularly scheduled lesson will not be rescheduled. Excessive cancellations will result in termination of your time slot. Full payment is required regardless of attendance. If you will be missing any solo, duo, or trio lessons, it is very important to inform your teacher right away.

Company Classes: All company classes require an increased level of commitment from both students and families. If your child is enrolled in any competition class, and you have questions or concerns about the expectations in these classes, please speak with the studio director immediately. Company classes run during our 2019-2020 season and also during our summer sessions. Please see the studio director for a list of general rules and guidelines for company members.

Placement and Evaluation

All teachers at the Next Step believe strongly that ballet is the cornerstone of all dance disciplines.  We recommend ballet be a priority in your schedule to enhance your child’s technique in either competitive or recreational dance. It is required that a minimum of one ballet class per week must be taken for all Lyrical classes and all Company Jazz classes.

We try to place students in the best, most challenging and appropriate class. Sometimes the teacher will determine that a student needs placement in a more advanced or less advanced class. This is not done without careful consideration. Class placement does not depend on the number of years the student has taken or the student’s age. Many things factor into which is the appropriate class/classes for our dancers. Their work ethic, potential, ability to comprehend quickly, natural body lines and maturity in applying corrections and attendance are a few of the things greatly considered for correct placement.  Home practice is needed by each student to progress. We encourage parents to support this as it will help the teachers move each class and student at a faster rate, as well as promote progress. For some new students, it may be necessary to take the first week of classes in a “trial” level in order for the instructor(s) to assess the proper class level. The Next Step Staff has the final word on evaluating levels.  Please be respectful of their careful decisions.

Studio Cancellations

Cancelled classes due to inclement weather will always be announced on the studio answering machine, studio Facebook page, and website ( Please call 610-582-2111 if you are in doubt. 

Scheduled Closings:

Wednesday October 23 - Halloween Parade

Thursday October 31 - Halloween

Wednesday November 27 and Thursday November 28 - Thanksgiving

Monday December 23 through January 2 - Christmas Break
Monday March 23 - Dance Competition

Monday May 25 - Memorial Day


The recital date is tentatively set for Saturday, May 30, 2020, with the mandatory stage rehearsal being Friday, May 29, 2020. If participating in the recital, students will be expected to attend the mandatory dress rehearsal. There will be two shows. Some students may be asked to participate in both of the shows. Tickets need to be purchased to attend the shows (dancers are free) there are two separate tickets for each show. Tickets go on sale May 1st. It is not mandatory to perform in the recital. Please inform your teacher if you are not participating as soon as possible.


A costume must be purchased to participate in recital, shows and competitions. Students will be measured for costumes in October. Your teacher will select your costumes. The price includes tax. Any students participating in 1 to 2 dance classes must pay the full costume payment by December 5 2019. Students participating in 3 or more classes are required to pay 50% of their total costume bill by December 5, 2019 and the balance at the second date February 7, 2020. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. ABSOLUTELY NO COSTUMES WILL BE GIVEN OUT WITHOUT FULL PAYMENT!  Your teacher is not responsible for choosing the size of your child’s costume, so when costume sizes must be chosen you will need to discuss this with your child’s teacher. Please bear in mind a six-month time span for growth. If you feel a costume must be exchanged you must discuss this with the studio director. If a costume can be exchanged, the student is responsible for the exchange fee that each costume company charges. ALL COSTUME MONEY IS NON-REFUNDABLE!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Picture Day  - (Spring 2020)

The date will be posted when confirmed. Pictures are usually taken at the studio on a Saturday. Closer to the date, each teacher will inform their class of the time that has been scheduled for them.

Competitions and Workshops

Some classes may be invited to attend competitions throughout the 2019-2020 dance season.  If your teacher and the studio director feel a class is ready for competition, you will receive all the necessary information. You must notify your teacher and the studio director immediately if you choose not attend. Multiple students from the same class not attending will also result in the class not attending.

Competition fees vary depending on the competition and are set by the competition’s directors. You will be notified of the competition fee(s) and due date. Failure to pay these fees on time will result in the student not being allowed to participate in the designated competition. The Next Step neither receives any income from competition fees nor is responsible for any travel arrangements or costs. It is the teacher and studio director’s decision if a group, solo, duo, or trio will participate in a regional or national competition.